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if you find any of my code useful, make a donation so i can eat and keep writing code. i don't want to get rich, but since not everyone is close enough to "buy me a beer", then buy me one via the webernet. i would be forever grateful.

source code and research projects

passlogd is a purpose-built sniffer for capturing syslog messages in transit. this allows for backup logging to be performed on a machine with no open ports. useful if your log server is compromised or you don't want to sift through a terabyte of sniffer logs. passlogd is currently under development, so check back here for bugfixes, new features, etc. if you find bugs, please let me know, and by all means, send me a patch.

NOTE: the latest version (0.1f) contains fixes to the -e option allowing use of 'all'. versions prior to 0.1e contain vulnerabilities and should be avoided.

passlogd-0.1f (MD5 8439041737ccc946c3b32d014985b672) - latest version
passlogd-0.1e (MD5 3104a6c81508973b48d94d5a93352dba)
passlogd-0.1d (MD5 859385e7cbfa3b9e193fc298e2f7a0f5)
passlogd-0.1c (MD5 8daf2d86ce9b7a319ae48ab1158375e8)
passlogd-0.1b (MD5 4c6b9b936a341b619e43c792970b4465)
passlogd-0.1a (MD5 d5efad9cd0245d6c7b60497f94e6e91b)

animplot is a simple visualization tool. it is similar to xplot, but allows realtime manipulation of the drawing surface. resulting images can also be exported to png format. requires libsdl, libpng and SDL_gfxPrimitives. i've only built it under os x, so your mileage may vary with other operating systems/platforms. if there is interest, i can make it more portable. check out the screenshots.

animplot-0.2b (MD5 70fb4032867e2befde39ac0244c4c811) - latest release
animplot-0.2a (MD5 239a17ff633711ab05266c3af13ed487)
animplot-0.1a (MD5 7b73078229312c1968c35a3f9a934c13)

i've been playing around with libsdl as part of primelib, and decided to mess around with digital audio visualization. since i have never done much graphics programming, nor manipulation of audio data under macosx, i put together a little audio visualization thing. no source yet, but there are some screenshots. it's incredibly primitive, but was fun to write.

audiovis-1 waveform in pixel mode
audiovis-2 waveform in line mode
audiovis-3 waveform in line mode with a different color scheme

taunt is a stupid tool for taunting people running intrusion detection systems. hides messages in packets by setting the destination port to the ascii value of each character in the messages, and then sending them down the wire. lets you hide the message different ways (destination port, source port, mac address). based on libnet example code. i was bored on an airplane. requires libnet to be installed. the tcp and mac address code is broken, but the basic udp functionality should be all good.

taunt-0.2 (MD5 70eaef2bbf2b17fbd2e79c7744d0f5e4) - latest version
taunt-0.1 (MD5 277f55dd2e43223ba829b3897a1e2fb1) - broken

a visual packet editor with an ncurses interface. allows you to edit tcpdump/pcap captures, annotate them, write them out in various formats such as compilable C code in the form of a replayer, etc. useful when reverse engineering properietary protocols or performing analysis on known protocols.

pseudo-oo library for working with sets of prime numbers and various related properites. this is an outgrowth of some of my visualization projects. not in a state suitable for distribution, but will be shortly.

remote control for the uniden bc895 trunk tracking scanner. allows all remote commands to be entered from command line. currently not available, as i lost the source in a drive failure. when i get the time to push the code from my head back to the machine i'll put up a distro.

the python script i use to maintain this site. i hate editing html, so instead i wrote this garbage to generate the pages from flat text files. this is by far the worst code i have ever written. yes, for some reason, there is some gleeful pride associated with that fact. when i first started writing the code i only had a vague idea of how i would approach the problem, and as you can tell from the code, changes of direction were random and poorly thought out. heh. no documentation, fragile, and dangerous to your health.

webmake-0.2 (MD5 b50f5a1f30c45c942a78b35345aa80ba)
webmake-0.1 (MD5 2bf73ba4754138ad11844f3b6f6739b3)

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